Travel Information

Arriving by plane

There are several international direct flights to Porto Airport (airport code OPO). If no convenient flight into Porto is available, you may fly to Lisbon International Airport (airport code LIS) and either take a domestic connecting flight or a train to Porto. The train journey from Lisbon to Porto takes about 3 hours.

From Porto airport to the city

There is a taxi and Metro connection between the airport and the city of Porto.

  • By taxi: The average cost is approximately 25 euros.

  • By Metro: There is a good Metro connection from the airport to the city center. Information can be found on the Metro web page (some info about tickets is provided below). The closest Metro station to the conference venue is São Bento Metro Station.

Arriving by train

See train schedules and prices at The train arrives at the Porto Campanha railway station. From this station there is a Metro, a bus or a taxi connection to the conference venue.

  • By Metro: Campanha Metro station is adjacent to the railway station.

  • By taxi: Alternatively one may take a taxi. There are taxis right in front of the exit of the railway station. 

Tickets for the Metro

Ticketing for public transportation (Metro and buses) is mainly managed through rechargeable Andante travel cards, although tickets may be purchased from bus drivers. The Andante travel cards allow you to top them up and are available for purchase at any Metro station in the city (e.g. upon arrival at the Airport Metro station, or Campanha Metro station for those arriving by train). Credit can be added to an Andante travel card, allowing it to be used for additional journeys. It must be validated each time, even when transferring, by swiping on the yellow machines at the entrance to the Metro stations or inside the buses. Each trip normally allows you to transfer between buses and Metro line and gives you a minimum of 1 hour travel time.

Here are some indicative prices, subject to change:

  • From the Airport to São Bento Metro station, the Andante needs to be charged with a Z4 trip, which costs 1.85 euros (single ticket).

  • From Campanha Metro/railway station to São Bento Metro station the Andante needs to be charged with a Z2 trip, which costs 1.20 euros (single ticket).

  • São Bento Metro station is the closest to the conference venue.

*The Andante card itself costs 0.50 euros, charged in addition to the first trip. 

Visit Porto

Porto is one of the oldest tourist destinations in Europe and benefits from a privileged geographic location, complemented by a modern transport and communications network. The richness of its monumental and artistic heritage, Port Wine, numerous leisure facilities and its cultural attractions invite you to visit this contemporary and inspired city well-known for its hospitality. Learn more at

Early morning running tour of Porto

Calling all BA runners!

Early morning running tour of Porto: Get your workout done before the conference, explore the city in a small group with a guide runner.

Join us for 1h/7 km of fun facts and city history packed in a healthy, time effective, outdoor activity.

Make the most of your morning run, effectively build some momentum into your day. Pace is not an issue, we can take it slow: only the sights will be breathtaking!

Meeting point: 26th May at 6 :00 AM Hotel Douro lobby

Please apply with Sérgio Miranda at